Ian Filippini: Transfer On Death In Estate Planning

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Ian Filippini

Transfer On Death In Estate Planning

Your estate plan is your set of golden rules. It is what you want to achieve in the long term through your build up of wealth. However, it is critical to know how this plan can make changes to your estate at the time of your death. We are not talking about the long-term goals, but the immediate occurrences at the time of your death.

Transfer on death is one of the terms your estate planning team will talk to you about as one of the foundations of your plan. In short, TOD, as it is often referred to, is a designation that helps you streamline the process of transferring your assets to your heirs after your death.

This method is used for a variety of investments, but most often for such things as stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and other types of investment accounts you own at the time of your death. The process of transferring this ownership from you to another person is seamless using this method. The transfer of death designation is a private move, and it is almost automatic when it is part of an estate plan. By using this method, assets transferred in this way avoid the probate process. In fact, the only thing you really need to do is set up a form that outlines the process and you are well on your way to managing this process.

One more advantage to using this method is that it allows the transfer to occur fast enough to ensure that the heir is able to trade those funds or to have access to the funds fast, if it is necessary for that to occur. Imagine the market plummeting—you want your heirs to have access sooner rather than later to preserve that wealth. This tool allows for that.

For those who are facing the inevitable—what will happen at the time of their death—it can be very challenging to know what to do. What should you plan for? What does your family need at this point? What should you provide for and how can you do so? The good news is that you can have a plan. Ian Filippini and the professionals at the Filippini Financial Group can help you determine how to handle the long term aspects of your estate plan.

No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.

Ian Filippini’ was lucky to have grown up in California. Ian Filippini raised by his parents, Alfred Filippini (deceased) and Deborah Filippini, lived in the Montecito or the Santa Barbara area. Ian Filippini has sisters, but his younger brother, Alex Filippini, also worked for Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

Ian Filippini: The Right Gifting Strategy

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Ian Filippini

The Right Gifting Strategy

There are many ways to gift through an estate plan so that you can achieve your long-term goals. The following are two of those strategies to consider.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

The irrevocable life insurance trust is a type of gifting strategy in itself. One of the more common elements of an estate plan is life insurance. This helps to provide liquidity to the plan in case some of the assets cannot be sold quickly, or it works as a wealth replacement vehicle. It gives family members money at the time of death, and proceeds from life insurance policies are generally income tax free for the beneficiary. They are still, however, counted towards your gross estate value.

Using an irrevocable life insurance trust will stop this from increasing the value of your estate and making it subject to higher taxes. The trust owns the life insurance policy and the proceeds from the policy will pass to the listed beneficiary as you direct, free of both income taxation and estate taxes. The trust purchases the policy in the best scenario.

Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT)

This type of trust is defective only for the benefit of income taxes. This type of trust takes advantage of the different rules that apply to income taxes and gift and estate taxes. Transfers to this type of trust will be completed gifts and therefore outside of the estate, for the benefits of the GSST. However, for the purpose of income taxes, the trust’s presence is ignored and the grantor of the trust is considered the owner of it.

One of the best times to use such a strategy is as a part of dynastic planning, as well as when you wish to shift wealth properly to reduce taxes.

  • The assets can be sold to the trust income. It does not incur a capital gains tax.
  • All future income that any asset earns will be taxed to the seller, which is reduced by the seller’s estate.

This type of trust can be a very powerful tool when it comes to minimizing taxation and managing ownership. It must be created properly, of course, to receive these benefits.

To find out if these options work to help you achieve your goals, talk to Ian Filippini and the Filippini Financial Group. You may find that there is a solution to achieving your goals.

No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.

Ian Filippini’s was cared for by parents, Alfred Filippini (dead in 2009) and Deborah Filippini (alive and kicking), all lived in the Montecito, Carpinteria, Summerland, and Santa Barbara area. Ian Filippini’s little brother, Alex Filippini, followed in Ian Filippini’s footsteps also worked for Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

Ian Filippini:10 Best Restaurants in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

10 Best Restaurants in Santa Barbara

 For most people, a long day at work makes it hard to come home and tend to at-home activities and prepare a nice home cooked meal for the family. Fortunately, living in Santa Barbara, California means that there are plenty of restaurants that will serve your needs well, any night of the week. Whether you have a taste for American food, prefer something with French influence or Italy inspired dishes, there is a restaurant to please your stomach. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, president of Filippini Wealth Management Inc., enjoys dining out as much as the next person. Take a look at 10 of the best restaurants in the city that he recommends for your visit.

  1. Los Agaves

This Mexican restaurant is one of the best in the city, and a personal favorite of Ian Filippini Santa Barbara. Food is fresh, authentic and made in-restaurant daily. There’s a delicious salsa bar, and all of the traditional Mexican favorites including enchiladas, tacos and fajitas. Prices are average, and the restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.

  1. The lark

Not only is this one of the best restaurants in the city, it is one of the best in all of Southern California! The Lark serves American fare in an upscale dining environment, with both lunch and dinner menus available. Expect to spend $30 plus for your entree, with menu items such as Duck Liver Mousse, Heirloom Tomato Panzanella, Grilled Spanish Octopus, and many others.

  1. Tamira

If you like Indian food, Tamira will soon become a favorite on your list. This is yet another restaurant that Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team at Filippini Wealth Management Inc. enjoy dining at. Tamira offers a relaxing environment, and a great, affordably priced lunch buffet.

  1. Olio E Limone

Another fine Italian Santa Barbara restaurant, Olio E Limone has menu items which include Carpaccio Di Blue, Fettuccine Con Spugnole E Asparagi, and many other authentic dishes. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner.

  1. Sakani Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

Another expensive, but worthwhile, restaurant that you will want to visit. Sakani serves only the freshest fish, flavored to perfection, and in well-proportioned sizes so leaving hungry is never an option. Lunch and dinner served daily at this restaurant.

  1. Zaytoon

Zaytoon serves Middle Eastern food at great prices and inside of an upbeat, casual dining environment. This is a great place for a romantic dinner with the one that you love. Items on the menu include Lamb & Chicken Kabob, fresh hummus, and more.

  1. Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach

The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach  is located in a serene spot that enables you to enjoy the great beach views along with delicious seafood entrees. A full bar is available, as well as patio seating. Lunch and dinner are both served, and reservations are highly recommended.

  1. Dutch Garden Restaurant

Dutch Garden is a German restaurant offers cold and grilled sandwiches, lunch plates and side items.   Smoked Liverwurst sandwiches are one of the more popular items served at this restaurant.

  1. The Black Sheep

Despite the fact that The Black Sheep is one of the newest restaurants in the city, it is one that is certain to be around for a long time to come. The restaurant has already gained rave reviews from those who have had the chance to dine on the fare offered here. The Black Sheep serves American cuisine in an upscale environment. Dinner is available, and reservations are recommended.

  1. Ca’Dario

Ca’Dario is an Italian restaurant open for lunch and dinner. They offer a wide variety of Italian favorites , cooked fresh daily inside of the restaurant. Ravioli is one of the more popular menu items available.

Ian Filippini: Wineries & Vineyards in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Wineries & Vineyards in Santa Barbara

People visit Santa Barbara for many different reasons, including the gorgeous beaches and, of course, the wine! Santa Barbara is known as Wine Country, and it is no secret that this is a city that will appease your needs for fantastic wine no matter what type is your favorite. Many vineyards are alive and well in the area. We’d like to take the time to share with you a few of the best, resulting in more wine tasting and less hassle. All of these vineyards are recommended to visit by Ian Filippini, the President of Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.

Foxen Vineyards is one of the vineyards that should be on the agenda. This vineyard creates coveted wines that bring inspiration with each sip. This is a prestigious vineyard, with only a select few admitted into the wine club each year. The waiting list can sometimes take years to run through, but the wait is well worth it in the end when access is granted to the rare wine that is created at this facility. There is a wine-tasting room available so you can discover what you have been missing.

Whitcraft Winery is another excellent vineyard to visit. It is small, and if you are not paying close attention, you might just pass it on by. Sitting behind the Santa Barbara Funk Zone, this tasting room has been serving the city since 1985. Each of the wines created by Whitcraft symbolize freedom, with unique characteristics that celebrate the world. Hand-picked grapes are just one part of the secret to producing these elegant wines. Only 2,000 bottles of Whitcraft are produced each year.

Sunstone Vineyard and Winery is a favorite of Ian Filippini. This vineyard is located in wine country, a short half hour drive from the city. Upon entering this vineyard you will discover things are done much differently here. There is a kitchen with a wood burning stove inside of it, as well as two stone-barrel caves that are used to produce the wines. Daily wine tastings can be scheduled and you will certainly have more fun with your visit than you could ever imagine.

Sanford Winery is yet another vineyard and wine-tasting room to add to the agenda. The beautiful scenery will take your breath away, and once inside of the tasting room, you can attain the full wine-tasting experience. This winery is located on the Rancho La Rinconada estate, with daily wine tasting sessions available for those who are interested.

Jaffurs Wine Cellars is another must-visit vineyard and winery. They produce about 3,500 cases of their wines each year, each case and bottle using only hand-picked grapes. The entire wine making process takes place here, from crushing of the grapes to pressing, cellaring and bottling. There is a small fee associated with the wine tasting, but it is very much worth the cost to be able to taste all of the delicious wines created at this vineyard.

Kalyra Winery is a very unique winery, and anyone who visits this vineyard will soon discover this for themselves. This vineyard creates specialty wines that combine the sunny California style with a mix of Australia thrown in. Tastings are available each day, and those who visit this winery certainly enjoy the experience.

Finally, the Santa Barbara Winery is a must-visit winery that you should plan to visit.  Wines are sold by the bottle and by the case here, with wine samplers available for those who want to experience a few different tastes. The winery ships wines to locations all around the world. Private tastings of the wine is available for groups of six or more people. During these private tastings, cheese fruit and bread are also provided. There is a per-person fee for this event, and it must be scheduled in advance.

It might not be a good idea to go on wine tasting adventures before you visit, however, scheduling a time to speak with the financial experts at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is certainly something that you want to do sooner rather than later. Ian Filippini and his group offer expert advice that can help you better manage your finances and plan accordingly. Living in Santa Barbara is an experience within itself, but when you have the advice that is offered from Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., you can take things to a higher standard. This is the group of professionals that can help you keep your finances in order day to day so that you are always able to enjoy life in wine country!



Ian Filippini: The Best Time to Visit Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

The Best Time to Visit Santa Barbara

Traveling to Santa Barbara is certainly a getaway you want in your future, but did you know that the time of the year selected to visit can impact your entire enjoyment of the city? Whether you love the crowds and being surrounded by tons of other beach-goers or prefer to be a little less crowded when you’re around, knowing when to travel to the city will ensure that you have the time of your life. Thanks to Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. you can learn when to travel to Santa Barbara.

The Best Time to Visit

If you like the crowds, the months of June – August should be your chosen travel times. The city is well-known for its numerous summer beach crowds, as well as those in town for the many exciting festivals that take place during these months, including the Old Spanish Festival as well as the Summer Solstice Festival.  Expect to spend more when you’re traveling during the peak season months. Hotel and resort room rates, rental cars, flights, and even attractions cost more during peak season. The summer weather is pristine, with daytime temperatures averaging a daily high in the 60s and nightly lows in the 50s.  August is the hottest month of the year in the California city.

Off-season starts in November and lasts until March. These months offer cooler weather in Santa Barbara, as well as more rainfall and less activities and happenings. The highlight of visiting during these months is that the International Film Festival comes to light in March. The days can be chilly, and nighttime temperatures can be as cool as the 40s. as long as you aren’t planning a New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving or Christmas visit, the costs of hotel accommodations, airfare, attractions, etc. should be moderately priced and among the best that you will find for the entire year. Ask Ian Filippini (or anyone at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.) and they’ll tell you that there is still plenty to see and do in the city during off season, and the thousands of dollars in savings that you will be able to take advantage of is certainly worth travel during these months.

The months of September and October are called the Shoulder Season, as are the months of April and May. It is the spring time that is most desirable for travel since the weather is superb and the crowds are still thin. There are numerous festivals that occur during these months, as well as a plethora of other fun that you can find waiting you. The cost of your hotel and other travel needs will also be considerably lower traveling during any of these four months.

While You’re in Santa Barbara

There are many local attractions in the city you’re sure not going to want to  miss out on. Ian Filippini enjoys getting out and about and frequents many of these establishments himself. Schedule as many of these on your itinerary as possible for the best time in the city.


The city has a plethora of restaurants that can cater to any taste and any budget. Mexican restaurants are a specialty, as you might suspect, however, the city also has a wide variety of American, French and Italian favorites, as well as fast food establishments and top chains. No matter what you are in the mood for, dining out in the city will meet your needs and ensure that you go home full and satisfied.


Shopping is always something that can be enjoyed in Santa Barbara. Whether you’re shopping for designer clothes, furniture, home décor or something else, there is always a great place to get just what you need. Be sure to stop by downtown Santa Barbara to browse stores and shops such as Antique Alley, Darin Jon Studio, Ivy Rose spa and Yankee Candle and Treat. Also check out the Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center for outdoor stores like Aveda, Macy’s, Lucky Brand Jeans, Gap and many others, as well as the Santa Barbara Public Market with 14 specialty gourmet shops. There is something for all interests in this city.

Parks & Museums

There are 21 public parks in the city so you’re always sure to have fun enjoying time on the playground, feeding the ducks or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. In addition to the many parks, several museums are also great to visit, especially on a rainy day. Among the top choices: Chase Palm Park, Channel Islands National Park, the Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Art.

Ian Filippini and his group at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. welcome you to the city, and hope that you find it just as amazing as those who call it home.


Ian Filippini: Summer Fun for Kids in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Summer Fun for Kids in Santa Barbara

When school is out, the children are at home, in need of some sort of entertainment to occupy their time. While mom and dad oftentimes have to work to make ends meet, the kids are still there. When boredom sets in, trouble often follows, but thanks to the array of summertime activities available for kids in Santa Barbara, that is not a concern that you will have. Thanks to Ian Filippini, president of Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., we are providing you with a list of the best activities for kids guaranteed to help beat the summertime boredom blues.

Santa Barbara Zoo

Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. knows the Santa Barbara Zoo is a great place to spend time with the family while enjoying time interacting with various species of animals from around the world and learning more about those various animals. Many different animals call this zoo home, and your visit can help you meet many of them. The zoo has a number of special exhibits that make learning more about animals even more interesting. Spending the day at the zoo is a great way to spend the day.

Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation

The Parks & Recreation department offers a number of fun summer activities for children and teens of all ages. From camps to sports like soccer and baseball, there is something to suit the interests of all boys and girls. These programs are often lower in cost than other programs offered around the city, so parents looking to save money should certainly consider contacting this department.

Fun in the Sun

This is a program provided by United Way. It is designed for at-risk and financially burdened teenagers. The program takes place for six-weeks over the summer, providing an array of hands-on activities ranging from swimming to field trips to art and more. A number of organizations come together to make the program come together, and it is certainly worth a look at if you think that your family might qualify.

Prince and Princess Camp

The Prince and Princess Camp is every little girl or boy’s dream come true. This camp is available for children ages 3 to 6 who show an interest in performing arts. This camp provides exploration of music while also helping build relationships with peers.

Santa Barbara Fair & Expo

The fair and expo is an event that Ian Filippini enjoys, and it is sure to  become a regular part of your family’s summertime agenda. Carnival games and rides are available for children and adults, but the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s also lots of entertainment, food, games and much more available to all in attendance.

Ty Warner Sea Center

Another fun family activity, a visit to the Ty Warner Sea Center on Stearns Wharf is sure to take the boredom out of any day. At the Sea Center visitors will find a real life shark pool, tons of marine exhibits, a tide pool tank and more. This is an attraction that all ages will enjoy.

Butterfly Beach

We have already mentioned that a day on the beach is great for any summer day. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we recommend a beach outing for the kids this summer. One beach stands above the rest, and that beach is known as Butterfly Beach. Butterfly Beach is a family-friendly beach that offers summer fun that you won’t want to miss. The kids can enjoy many different activities on this beach.

Rockin’ Kids

Rockin’ Kids is the perfect place to take the kids when you need a time out. This drop off center makes fun for kids a priority, and you can get away with peace of mind knowing the little ones are enjoying themselves as you gain a little bit of serenity. This indoor playground ensures the kids have a variety of hands-on activities day or night.

Chase Palm Park & Carousel

This is a playground located across from the beach, many different fun activities take place, and as the name suggests, it is a carousel that makes the attraction so unique. Although designed for younger children, all ages can enjoy spending time here.

Make sure that you check out a few of these fun summer activities for your children so they are not sitting around the house bored and without anything to do. There is far too much in Santa Barbara to enjoy for this situation to occur, and if you take advantage of all that is offered, this is never a worry that you will have.

Ian Filippini: 30 Great Places to Visit & Things To Do

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Ian Filippini

30 Great Places to Visit & Things To Do

Ian Filippini Westlake Village California knows with a trip to Santa Barbara, California, in your future, planning now for the fun adventures you’ll enjoy while there will entice and excite you even more. The city isn’t shy, and there’s plenty of things to see and do throughout the area.  Here is 30 great places to visit and things to do.

1.    Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo for a great day of animal fun. Visitors have numerous exhibits to enjoy, and a vast selection of animals for their viewing pleasure.

2.    Visit Rattlesnake Canyon Trail for hiking, biking and outdoor adventure for all ages.

3.    Take a trip to Granada Theatre to catch a live theatrical performance and enjoy your night in this Ian Filippini Santa Barbara landmark!

4.    Everyone is surprised at the enjoyment found at the County Courthouse. This historic landmark has lush botanical gardens and landscaping to melt all of your worries away.

5.    Head out to the Santa Barbara Waterfront anytime, day or the night, for serene escapes from the world.

6.    No trip to the city is complete without a visit to the Santa Barbara Mission. Here you’ll find a plethora of history lessons and artifacts to educate you while entertaining you.

7.    Get to know Ian Filippini Westlake Village California at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. His experience in financial planning will help you keep your visit in Santa Barbara within budget.

8.    Visit the Museum of Natural History. There is absolutely something for everyone at this museum.

9.    Go to Channel Islands. These four islands are right off of the coastline and make for an exciting adventure!

10.    Eat a steak at the Brewhouse. It is one of the fine steakhouses in the city, well worth the splurge!

11.    The Museum of Art would make for a wonderful trip before your visit to the steakhouse! Lots of art on display here and exploration.

12.    If you’re not on State Street, you’re not really in Santa Barbara! Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. knows there’s a little bit of everything on State Street all of which the visitor will appreciate. This includes shopping, attractions and more.

13.    Another of the excellent museums in the city, a visit to the Maritime Museum is one that you will love if you enjoy nautical histories.

14.    For more art enjoyment, visit Gallery 113 for a variety of modern art.

15.    EOS Lounge is the place to be when you want to take in the night life of Santa Barbara.  With fresh drinks and DJ’s spinning into the early hours of the morning.

16.    For a variety of nightlife fun, make your way to Indochine. A smaller nightclub with plenty of intimacy and good times waiting to be had.

17.    Watch a movie at Arlington Theater. It has an outdoorsy feeling with the falsetto balconies and great movies, bands, ballets and more!

18.    Take the children to Rockin’ Kids. This indoor playhouse has something for boys and girls of all ages.

19.    Another great place for the kids is the Rock Place. Yes, this is the name, and rock climbing is the game. Children can enjoy rock climbing while mom sits back and gets a bit of rest and relaxation.

20.    Stay for a night or two at the Belmond El Encanto. This is one of the most amazing resorts in the city with a view of the riviera of Santa Barbara.

21.    Visit the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. for important information about your finances. This winning group of professionals understand your needs and offer many different services including retirement planning, estate planning, insurance and more. President, Ian Filippini Westlake Village California, along with the rest of the team, will assist you in your planning needs!

22.    Camp out at the Douglas Family Preserve! This is one of the most beautiful areas in the city, enabling you to enjoy nature at its best.

23.    Taste the wine created at Margerum, one of the best in the entire city!

24.    If you like gardens visit the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens for picture-perfect scenery.

25.    Go shopping on State Street with a variety of shops for adults and children.

26.    While you’re out shopping make sure that you visit Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center where there are stores such as Macy’s, as well as theaters, restaurants and so much more.

27.    Eat at the Seagrass restaurant for delicious, fresh seafood cooked just the way that you like it.

28.    Have a scoop (or two) of ice cream at McConnell’s. This is one of the best places to feast upon ice cream in the city!

29.    Pet a shark at the Ty Warner Nature Center while is also enjoying an array of other aquatic life.

30.    Finally, make sure that you visit the Visitor’s Center. Here visitors have all of the information needed for a great trip in the palm of your hands, ensuring that your visit to the city is the best.

Ian Filippini: 25 Free Santa Barbra Activities

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Ian Filippini

Santa Barbra Activities

Ian Filippini Westlake Village California has heard it is said that Santa Barbara, California is a city of great fortune, and it is certainly noticeable residents enjoy a higher quality of life than people in neighboring cities. But if you think that enjoying all that the city has to offer will come at a price tag to match this lavish lifestyle, think again. The city is filled with many free activities individuals of all ages can enjoy. That’s right. You can get out and about and enjoy great attractions and activities without going into the wallet! Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is a wealth management consultant and president of Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. As an individual with a desire to help all residents of the city maintain as much money as possible, Mr. Filippini certainly recommends and appreciates each of these free activities. Let’s take a look.

Free Fun Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Here are 25 free things that you can do in the city, courtesy of Ian Filippini Westlake Village California and the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.

  1. Visit the Farmer’s Market and sample a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the state and around the world.
  1. If it is summer time it is time for movies in the park. Head down to Isla Vista to enjoy a free show for the family.
  1. Visit the Douglas Family Preserve and walk the grounds. You are bound to be intrigued by what you discover.
  1. Every Sunday, admission into the Museum of Art is free. You can enjoy all that the museum has to offer on a rainy day or any other!
  1. Plan a romantic picnic with your loved one and view the spectacular waters and landscaping at Nojoqui Falls .
  1. Make your way to Stearns Wharf. There are many great stores, restaurants and entertainment spots available to occupy your time, and great views of the ocean.
  1. Go to the beach! With miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, enjoying any of your favorite sun time activities is easy to do in Santa Barbara. The weather is near-perfect, making any day a great day to do the beach.
  1. State Street is the heart of downtown, and with your visit you can see what the city really has to offer, all at no cost.
  1. The Santa Barbara Courthouse is a top attraction in the area, and one that can be enjoyed at no cost. The landscape and architectural style is the highlight of this attraction.
  1. On Sunday and Thursday, the Railroad Museum offers free movies that are very interesting for all ages, not to mention fun and educational.
  1. Head toward East Beach and take photographs of the Rainbow Arch. It is an amazing site to see!
  1. Visit Fairview Gardens Farm and take your pick of the delicious homegrown organic foods available, and learn more about the process of gardening while there.
  1. Visit the University of California Santa Barbara. There’s an art museum inside, not to mention many other fun and free activities open to the public.
  1. If you’re up for a short drive, a visit to the Chanel Islands National Park is the perfect way to spend the day.
  1. If you like wine, a day trip to Solvang is in order. Many vineyards and wineries are available for samplings, and there is also a magnificent view to be enjoyed to and from the area.
  1. Take a trip to the Santa Barbara Mission. Another top attraction, this is one of the few missions in the state, and one still in use for services today.
  1. There’s lots to do at the Harbor, so make sure that you schedule it to the list of to-do activities.
  1. If you’re into skateboarding, there is a free park for you to enjoy called Skater’s Point. It’s lots of fun, and there’s ramps and other skating areas available.
  1. Head to Goleta and make your way to Stow House.
  1. See the ostriches at OstrichLand USA located near Solvang.
  1. Cabrillo Arts Pavilion offers a number of free activities. Check them out and discover artists from around the city at their best.
  1. Visit Lompoc to view the murals.
  1. Kidsworld, located in nearby Alameda, if a great place for free fun for the kids. Don’t miss it.
  1. Go hiking on one of the fabulous trails up the Santa Ynez Mountains.
  1. Camp at the mountains! El Capitan hosts one of the finest campgrounds and cabins in the area.


Make sure that you also stop by to thank Ian Filippini Santa Barbara for this list of fun and free activities, and get a little bit of financial advice from his team at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. while you are there. Ian Filippini Westlake Village California knows you won’t be disappointed with what these professionals can do for your needs.

Ian Filippini: Donations in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Donations in Santa Barbara

If you are like most people, there’s a lot of extra ‘stuff’ sitting around your home. Most of us accumulate so much over the course of the year, from clothing and shoes the kids can no longer wear to home interior and other items.  Many Santa Barbara organizations are likely to be happy to accept the goods that you no longer need.

Donate your Goods Here

Non-profit organizations such as homeless shelters and the public education system oftentimes turn to the support of the public to keep them afloat. While monetary donations are always needed and accepted, there are far more ways that you can offer a helping hand, and one of the best is with your material donations.

If you would like to claim the donation on your taxes, most organizations give you the proper paperwork to do so when your item is donated. If you would like this receipt for tax purposes, be sure to ask ahead of time.

Some of the best places to donate in the city include:

Santa Barbara County Education Department: The SB County Education Department accepts donations of used computers. They have a wide variety of programs available for children in the area. There are requirements for the computer, so get in touch with them to learn if your computer is one that can be accepted. Ian Filippini, president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., recommends this be your computer drop-off location whenever you upgrade or buy new.

The Alpha Resource Center: This is a thrift store that accepts a wide variety of donations that are then sold inside of their thrift store. All of the funds raised in the thrift store go back into the community, as the center assists with an assortment of needs including developmental support for children with disabilities. The thrift store accepts gently used clothing for the family, shoes, electronics, furniture, computers, toys, books, furnishings and more. Both pick-up and drop-off donations are accepted.

Good Samaritan Shelter: The Good Samaritan Shelter is another  place Ian Filippini and his group at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. recommend for your donation. A organization assisting homeless men, women and families with housing and other needs, this center accepts donations of household goods, toiletries, money, sheets, home decoration, food and more.

Domestic Violence Solutions: DV Solutions provides an emergency shelter, transitional housing and a number of other services for women who are the victims of domestic violence. Because of the depth of their services, the organization is always in need of a variety of items. Not only do they accept clothing for women, babies and children, they also need toys, books, diapers, toiletries and similar items, as well as appliances, electronics, furniture, etc. Your donations are tax deductible.

Animal Shelter Assistance Program: You can adopt a cat or dog from this organization, but they also can accept your pet related items for their animals, such as pet food, collars, leashes, litter boxes, etc. The shelter also needs volunteers, so if you are an individual with a special place in your heart, this could be the opportunity that you’ve been searching for.

Ventura County Rescue Mission: The Ventura County Rescue Mission assists homeless individuals in the city. They offer an emergency overnight shelter, hot meals, programs and much more. The organization depends upon support from the community to provide their programs, and this includes through donations of items such as clothing, money, shoes, paper, office supplies, etc.

Making Donations Count

There are so many fine organizations in the city that will accept most anything that you have and no longer need, including those listed above. Rather than add to the landfills and throw money away, consider making a donation to one or more of these places. You will feel good when you make a donation, and will certainly be helping out so many people around you, the people that you call your neighbors.

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If you need a hotel in Santa Barbara but don’t want to spend a lot of money for it, don’t think that the options are bleak. There are a number of nice hotels in the city that can help you get affordable accommodates for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Although staying on the beach or in a five-star resort might be out of the question, you’re not out of options. If you ask Ian Filippini his opinion, opting for one of these hotels and keeping more money in your pocket makes more sense. The Sandman Inn Located on State Street in the heart of downtown, this hotel combines budget-friendliness with quality amenities to entertain each guest, resulting in a great place to stay while you’re in town. This hotel has been rated ‘Best Budget Hotel’ by the Los Angeles Times in 2011 and again in 2012 from ‘Trip Advisor.’ Spacious, clean rooms contain flat-panel, cable equipped TVs, two pools, hot tub and a daily morning breakfast for all guests. Room price varies by season, but no matter the month, the deal you get will be incredible, and you will enjoy your stay. Presidio Inn Ian Filippini will tell you that the Presidio Inn is a good choice when you’re looking for a nice hotel at a rate that won’t put you in debt. And trust us, Ian and his company, Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., are very concerned with your financial status in their line of work. The Presidio Inn offers large and spacious rooms that make you feel right at home. Free parking is available, and a free complimentary breakfast each day ensures that you start off with the most important meal of the day. Hadsten House Hadsten House is located on the Santa Ynez Valley. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to be moments away from all that has brought you to the city in the first place, including restaurants, museums, and the beaches! The Hadsten House is one of the most affordable places to stay in the city, but it doesn’t fail to provide the comfortable accommodations that you need for a great night or two away from home. Each room includes a fireplace, and there is a great indoor pool so you can always make a splash. A free breakfast is available each morning, and free Wi-Fi ensures that you stay connected to the world. This is a hotel that you will want to use time and time again. Avania Inn The Avania Inn is located within proximity to the beach, so if this is your plans for your time in the city, this is a hotel that might be right for your needs. There is an on-site spa to keep you rested and relaxed, and Wi-Fi in each room available at no cost. Each morning there is a complimentary breakfast, and rooms include a refrigerator, flat-panel TV and premium cable TV services. Staying at the Avania ensures that you do not have to stay in a hotel that doesn’t meet your expectations. Motel 6 There are plenty of chain hotels found throughout Santa Barbara, such as the Motel 6 located on State Street. This hotel offers all of the things that you’ve come to expect from the brand, including a free daily continental breakfast, clean rooms, daily housekeeping, and of course, affordable pricing. Motel 6 is in the heart of the city and has Wi-Fi available (for a fee) and cable TV in each room. Friendly and attentive staff members also help make your visit one that you will always remember. Secret Garden Inn Secret Garden Inn is another State Street hotel worthy of your time and attention. This hotel is affordably priced, but also features the amenities that you really want in your stay, including spa services, complimentary breakfast, complimentary in-room Wi-Fi, complimentary parking and more. Secret Garden Inn has several different types of rooms available, and as an added bonus, pets are welcomed! If you are in search of an affordable hotel, be sure to take the advice of Ian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. and check out these awesome hotels! These hotels will never disappoint the budget-conscience traveler, and they’re sure to provide all that you need for a great stay in the beautiful city. Whether in town for business or pleasure, or resident who wants a break from the norm, these hotels give you that chance without breaking your budget.